My Data Didn't Come In For Yesterday

If you are missing data, try the steps below prior to contacting technical support.


1.  Was your PC off, offline or hibernating? If so, open S2k Client and click on Force Poll. Adjust power management options in control panel if necessary to prevent hibernation/system standby.

Refresh the calendar in S2k by right clicking on the calendar and selecting ‘Refresh Calendar’.


2.  Confirm that you have internet by opening an internet browser window. If you do not have internet, S2k cannot download data. Reestablish your connection and open the S2k Client and Force Poll.



3.  Confirm that the S2k Client is on/running by making sure the icon is in the bottom right toolbar. 


If the icon above is not there, open the S2k Client by clicking on your desktop icon or by going to ‘Start’, All Programs, Sigma Oil Corporation and Series2000 POS Client v2. Click on Force Poll and wait at least 30 minutes for data to download. Interrupting it will prevent any data from being downloaded. Also, once it has finished, it can take up to one hour for the data to appear in S2k. Refresh your calendar to view new data.


NOTE: You will also see Pending price changes, to process them simply double click and hit “OK to Process” or Cancel to not process, you can also hit “Print” to print the changes so you can update pricing on the shelves.


If any errors come up and it does not appear the client is communicating properly with the POS, please contact our office.



4.  Was an end of day done? If cashier did not do an end of day, there will not be data to pull as we get data via the end of day report. Please see “I forgot to do an end of day last night” for help.


5.  Right click on S2k Client icon and exit application. Reopen the client in case there are any updates pending.


6.  If the Client is frozen/unresponsive, open your task manager by hitting Ctrl+Alt+Delete once. Click on the processes tab, sort by name and find S2k Client and end the process. Restart the PC and force poll when the client opens.


7.  Check hardware- ensure that cable from POS to PC is firmly connected.


8.  Restart the PC as there may be a COM port conflict or your COM port may be frozen.


9.  Were multiple end of days done? See section on Multiple End of Days.


10. If you perform all the above steps, waited 30 minutes, refreshed the calendar and still do not have data, please contact our office or send us as email at Be sure to let us know if anything happened such as a power outage or POS update or other change.