**This article is relevant for SC800, SC8300, and Datalogic models only. SC600 devices will need to be re installed by s2k support**

It is most likely that only the desktop shortcut to the s2k handheld program is missing. First, double-click "My Device" on the desktop screen of the handheld.


Next, double-click "Flash Disk" or "Disk on Chip"


Next double-click the "S2KHH" folder, if it exists. (Depending on which version of the S2KHH software you have it may say "S2KHHCF" or "S2KHHCE"). If the ""S2KHHCF"/"S2KHHCE" folder does not exist, we will need to reinstall the S2KHH program.


If the folder is called "S2KHHCE" open it, then double-click the "S2KHHCE" icon to open the program. This will also create a new shortcut icon on the desktop of the handheld.

Note: You are not looking for the "S2KHHInit" icon


If the folder is called "S2KCF" open it and single click the S2KCE icon. Go to the file menu at the top of the screen, click it and select "Send To" > "Desktop as Shortcut"



If you are using the SC600 scanner and your icon is missing, please contact S2K support to re-install.