When you edit something in daily recon and see this error come up

Check if AVG is installed, if so then we need to make an exception for s2k to run without being interrupted.

Look in the lower right corener of the task bar for the AVG icon. You may need to click the arrow to show all icons. 

It will look like this

Double click the icon to open.

It may look a little different depending which version is installed. This is the most common way it looks.

Click Options in the top right corner, then click Advanced settings

On the left side of this screen, click where it says Exception.

Then click the button at the bottom that says Add exception

It will then prompt you to find the file you'd like AVG to bypass.

We need to set the exception type as a folder.

Click the browse button, navigate to C:\S2kNet and select that folder to bypass.

Make sure the options are checked to exclude it from all AVG scans

Click ok on all open AVG screens. Close s2k and re open, you should now be able to edit your sales numbers without the error.