1. Click the Report List button located on the Home Main Navigation bar.

2. Click the Non-Fuel Sales Report main topic.


3. Click the SKU Sales Detail By Item link.


4. Enter your filter criteria information:

   Start Date and End Date - The reports date range

   Station# - Select your station, if not selected automatically

   * Sub Category - Select a single sub department or select all

   SKU (Start with...):

      - With NULL checked, it will select all items from the selected department(s)

      - With NULL unchecked, you can enter a single UPC item from the selected department(s)

   View Type:

      - Collapse All will collapse all items in the generated report

      - Expand All will expand all items in the generated report

        (you can also collapse/expand by clicking the -/+ signs on the report)


5. Click the View Report button to generate your report.


* Your report will generate from the filter criteria information entered.