Inventory Menu: Import Take Inventory Data

This feature allows you to import a take inventory file from a 3rd party inventory company. Once you import it you can process the take inventory like you normally would in S2k as if you used your own handheld. We always recommend that even if you do inventory in  house to at least have an outside company do quarterly inventories to make sure no one in house is stealing.

3rd Party Company Inventory/Audit Files must be formatted as per the following specs:


• Must be submitted in CSV format


• Contain only the following two columns:

  1. UPC#
  2. Audit count


UPC# formatting

• Items must be submitted in UPC-a format


• The check digit is not required


• If you have any UPC-e items, the 3rd Party Audit Company must convert them to UPC-a format.


When you have a new file to import simply go to INVENTORY > Import Take Inventory Data:

1- Enter station for the inventor count

2- Enter the take inventory date

3- Click on the “…” and choose the .csv file from your local PC

Then you can open the info you imported just like you would from the handheld, under INVENTORY > Take inventory by SKU… choose the station and process as you normally would.