Managing MnM deals using S2K

Create MnM List

1. From within the Series2K Back Office program, navigate to the Price-book menu.  

2. Click on Mix Match.

Select Mix Match Item List.

4. Create a new MnM list.

A. Click EDIT button.

B. Type your MnM List description.  Here you are just naming the list of items that will be part of the promotion.  When you are done entering your list description, press the ENTER button on your keyboard.

C. Press the SAVE button.

Assign price-book items to the MnM List

Now that you have your MnM list created, it is time to assign items to it. 

1. From within the Series2K Back Office program, navigate to the Inventory menu. 

2. Click on Inventory Manager. 

3.  Assign items to your list. 

A. Perform a search for the items that will be assigned to your list.  In the example above, we are going to assign all Gatorade 32oz items to our list.

B. Highlight all of the items you need added to the MnM List.

C. Press the ADD to MIXMATCH button.

4. Select the MnM list you want to assign your items to and press SAVE.

Create MnM Deal

Now that you have your MnM list created with items assigned to it you can create a MnM Deal promotion.

1. From within the Series2K Back Office program, navigate back to the Price-book menu. 

2. Click on Mix Match.

3. Select Manage Mix Match Promotions.

4. At this point you will assign the details to your promotion such as the name of the promo (ie buy two 32oz Gatorades for $4), the start/end dates of the promo, the quantity of items necessary to trigger the promo at the register and what dollar amount to charge the customer.

A. Select the Mix List.

B. Enter a description for your promotion.

C. Enter a start date.

D. Enter an end date.

E. Units = the number of items necessary for the promotion to be valid at the register.

F. Pricing Method = For Sapphire customers select MixMatchPrice.

G. Value = Dollar amount that will be charged to the customer at the POS.

5. Assign a station to your new MnM promotion, save and send your MnM promo to the register.

A. Press the “+” sign to drill into the station selection field.

B. Use the drop-down menu to view a list of all of your stations.

C. Select your station(s).

D. Press the save button.

E. Click the check-box next to the promotion you just created so that S2K.

F. Press the SEND to POS button.

At this point your MnM deal has been sent to the cash register. Wait approximately 10-15 minutes then go to your cash register to check