To start using Rebates you must first created groups/lists to which you will assign items. Create Rebate Lists by going to Price Book->Promotions Management Button, then “Define Promotion Groups”.



Hit the Edit Button to enter in a new list. Just enter a name for the list and leave the vendor field blank.



When done entering the group names, click the SAVE button and move on to assigning the items to the group(s). Go to Inventory, then Inventory Manager and bring up the items you wish to add by searching: department, like descriptions, etc. Once you have the items pulled up, highlight the items and right click. A change window will display where you can click on ‘Promotion Group’ and select the group name.




Select the Promotion Group you would like to assign to the selected items and then click ok. Please note that you cannot have an item assigned to more than one Promotion Group at a time.


Once you have assigned all the items to their prospective Promotion Group, go ahead and setup the Rebate through ‘Create New Promotion’

Complete the highlighted fields to setup the Rebate:

Click OK and the pricebook window will open. 

Click SAVE

A confirmation window will appear. Confirm the rebate amount is correct and click OK. The rebate is then saved and applied to the system.

If you wish To manage/view existing rebates, click on ‘Manage Promotions’

From this window, you can manage dates and sku numbers for the Rebate