Setting up Multi Packs

Find item in the PRICEBOOK MANAGER:


The RETAIL shown is defaulted to PACK SIZE #1


If you would like to add a pack size of 2 for example, you will need to "ADD NEW PACK" (if a 2 pack does not already exist in the drop down on the left) the number and when you click on "Add New pack", the new pack Size # will appear in the drop down on the left.



Now to enter a special on a 2 pack, you must choose "Pack Size #2" in the dropdown and the retail prices shown will reflect the total price of the item when the qty is changed at the POS...


In this example, a single unit is $4.99 but a 2 pack is $ it looks like this...


2 pack:



If the retail is BLANK that means that the item has no multi pack special.


IF you decide NOT to have that special anymore simply change the 2 pack price to the actual price if 2 were sold. So in this example if you sell them at $4.99 each, you would change the 2 pack retail to $9.98 until it goes on special again. We cannot delete multi pricing at the POS.


Please refer to your POS guide on how to ring up multi packs at the POS it varies from POS to POS.