Creating Assemblies

Assemblies are created in S2K when 2 or more items need to be linked to each other in the system. This is referred to as a ‘Parent/Child Relationship’. The Parent is always the bigger of the 2 (or more) quantities.

EX: Hot Dog Combo PLU 200 includes: Hotdog PLU 4055 and Fountain Drink PLU 6055

To create an assembly in S2K, open Inventory Manager and search for the Parent SKU

Change the view on this window to ‘Assembly View’


Then click the + symbol next to the PLU number to assign ‘Child’ PLU numbers. The quantity in this example is 1, as the combo includes 1 hotdog and 1 fountain drink.


Tab through the line to complete.

The Inventory Manager has an auto-save feature, so it saves the data automatically as you enter the information.