Fixing Suspicious Assemblies

Assemblies are created in S2K when 2 or more items need to be linked to each other in the system. This is referred to as a ‘Parent/Child Relationship’. The Parent is always the bigger of the 2 (or more) quantities. EX: Marlboro Carton (parent), Marlboro Pack (child), quantity=10

If Assemblies look ‘suspicious’ in S2K, then you will be alerted on the S2K Alerts Dashboard

Click on Suspicious Assemblies link, then the tab and the sku numbers will display

Reasons for suspicious assemblies:

1. Quantity = 1

2. Parent Retail is less than Child retail

In this example, the parent retail is less that the child retail. If a suspicious assembly needs to be corrected, double click on the item and the ‘inventory items’ window will display

Double click on the PARENT item and the item details window will appear

Click on the EDIT button at the top of the window

Click on the Assembly tab to edit the item

The assembled item can be deleted or changed, if necessary. Click the save button when finished.

***Note: If the assembly is correct, but the retail is wrong, then simply edit the retail of the parent via Pricebook/Pricebook Manager.