The Realtime Module offers a lot of interactive detail. The Promotional Analysis is the part of the module where you would see the Mix and Match sales detail. I will include information on the full module so you have an idea of the tools available with Realtime. Many of the pages allow you to filter the details in a way that let you manipulate the view.

When clicking into the Realtime tab you would see the toolbar below:

Live Monitor: Allows you to see live transaction detail. With a Passport POS system the PJR files would be polled every 5 minutes. This feature would allow you to see transactions as they happen (with a possible 5 minute delay).

History Monitor: Allows you to review transaction that already happened. If you need to review transactions that occurred a month ago you can use the calendar to select the day of transactions you want to see. The Ruby POS system will not allow you to see live data in the Live Monitor but it will pull the transet details with the EOD so you would be able to see the transactions for the day after the EOD runs.

C-Store Hourly and Fuel Hourly: these features will allow you to see trends for all or individual stations, all or individual departments and all or individual fuel grades. You could see daily, weekly, or monthly trend details.

Realtime Summary: A report that compares each station's fuel and c-store sales as they occur (this would only work for Passport POS locations)


Daily Summary: Daily Transactional Summary Report for all stations (Passport and Ruby POS locations) - includes hourly detail as well

Weekly Summary: Weekly Transactional Summary Report for all stations (Passport and Ruby POS locations) - includes hourly detail as well

BI Reports: Gives you quick access to view supplementary transaction reports (Pictured below is the list of extra reporting):

Promotional Analysis: A reporting detail for items that were sold in a Mix and Match Promotion

First you would set up the date range and location for the MnM detail (toolbar pictured below)

When you Recalculate using the date range and location the details will list in a Grid View (pictured below):

Changing the view to a Pivot View will allow you to see the MnM items, how it sold at the register, and how many sold in that date range:

You will also see the Promotion details (NOT MnM):