There are two simple ways to get to a new fuel invoice template:

1. Click the “Create a new Fuel Invoice” link, located in the Fuel Invoices bubble and a Fuel Invoice with a blank invoice header will appear.

2. Go to the Series2K Home Screen. In the Navigation toolbar, under the Quick Launch section, click the “Fuel Invoice” link (pictured below).

When the invoice window opens, click the NEW icon in the toolbar and that will take you to a blank invoice template (pictured below).

Entering new fuel invoice into S2K is simple.  To do this, enter the following information in the screen shown below.

1. Station # (from drop down menu)

2. Vendor (from drop down menu)

3. Invoice #

4. Invoice Date

5. Recon Date (Delivery Date) — *It is important for fuel costing to enter this date correctly

6. Invoice Total

Next, enter in the Net and Gross Qty as well as price per gallon for each fuel grade that is on the invoice.

Add-ons are setup by S2K and should be checked off in the dropdown window in order to be included.

If you see any discrepancies in the add-ons please contact our office.

Once you have checked the boxes, click ‘Close’.