Click the A/P button in the Daily Recon toolbar (pictured below).

A window will pop up (pictured below) if there aren’t any account payables found for the day. The window will give you the option to create a new account payable. Click YES.

The Accounts Payable window will open. If the page isn’t already defaulted to EDIT, click the edit icon in the tool bar (shown in the picture below). Then you can enter the needed information into the area highlighted in yellow below.

Enter the STATION # (select from dropdown).

Enter the SALES DATE, this date should be the same day as the date of the DAILY RECON you need the A/P to reflect in.

Pick from your list of SUPPLIERS using the dropdown menu.

(If you have not already created a supplier for you’re A/P section you will want to go back to your home screen, in Daily Books, click on the customer and supplier icon, click the supplier link and add a new supplier. SAVE the new data, go back to the A/P section and REFRESH so that your new supplier appears. For help adding suppliers see the ADDING SUPPLIER section in the ONLINE MANUAL).

In Receipt Type, select PAYOUT. Please note this could be spelled slightly different for your site, so select the same receipt type that matches the receipt type in the Daily Recon screen.

Enter the AMOUNT of cash from the register that was used to pay this supplier.

If you have a receipt or invoice you want to attach to this particular payout add it to the ATTACHMENT(S)section.

Once you’ve entered all the information into the field click the SAVE icon in the toolbar. If you have more to enter go ahead and do so.

After you’ve entered all of the day’s A/P’s, click SAVE, then click back to your Daily Recon page. You will need to click REFRESH in order for the PAYOUT numbers to reflect in your receipt section (pictured below). Expand the PAYOUT line to see all the detail entered.

The A/P (Accounts Payable) can create detail line items for the cash expenses for the site.

You may need to also tie non fuel invoices to the PAYOUT section to completely reconcile the PAYOUT section if you paid for merchandise that will be sold in your store using cash from the register. In the invoice header you are given the option to click PAYOUT as a way of payment (Paid By field on the invoice). Make sure that the invoice date is the same as the recon date or it will generate the PAYOUT and tie it to the wrong day.

A completely reconciled PAYOUT section will look like the picture above. When the linked A/P’s and the linked invoices match the amount polled from the POS or entered under Receipts, then you will see a blue check mark and RECONCILED OK in the Detail Over/Short section.