Under Daily Reconciliation – Fuel Inventory you will need to enter closing stick readings if they are not coming in automatically from the POS.

To enter them, simply type the closing gallon #s in the fields under the Closing column for each grade as shown below. Once you have entered the numbers, remember to Save.

Closing stick readings entered will automatically populate to the Opening sticks on the following day. **NEVER enter Opening readings.

If you have 2 tanks for one grade, combine/add the gallons to account for them together. Because we only have sales from the POS for one grade, we can only have stick reading inventory for one grade/tank.

If you have an automated tank monitor, the stick readings will be sent to the POS and then will automatically import into S2k. If you have a tank monitor connected to the POS and do not see them in S2k, please check with your POS/Stick reader technician to ensure everything is connected properly. If they are importing from the POS but they are not importing to the correct tank, please let us know by submitting a support ticket or emailing your tank reader report so we can map these correctly.