The Price Editor tool is used for changing retail prices of items or price checking an item.

To begin, tap the Price Editor Button in the main menu of the S2K handheld software.

Once you select the price editor option it will look like the image below.

From here, to change the retail price of an item that is in your price book scan the item that you would like to change or check the current retail of.

1. If you wish to adjust the retail price, tap the cursor in the Price field and enter a new price.

You can also adjust your Packsize pricing or add a new packsize in the price editor. Tap the cursor in the PackSize field to change or create a multi-pack prices for the items with more than one retail price with the same SKU.

2. If creating a new PackSize in the handheld tap the cursor into the Packsize Colum then enter the amount of items being sold at that retail.

When you are finished, click the X in the top right corner to save and close the price editor and return to the main screen.

To bring the price edits into S2K, click the Sync button

and click “download data from the handheld.”

Your price changes will appear in your Pending Price Changes for review where you can publish the changes to the register. The user name will appear as “Handheld” in that screen if it was a price change imported from the handheld. It will also show “Handheld” as the user in the price change history pages for these items.