Some suppliers use their own identification or reference number for SKUs you purchase. So on their receipts/invoices you do not get the actual SKU but rather their own number for the item.

This makes it very difficult to manually enter these purchases. In S2K we allow you to setup these item numbers by supplier number.

It takes a bit of work to initially setup, but once you do this, entering these invoices in the future is very quick and painless.

To assign supplier item numbers to UPCs, open Inventory Manager located within the Inventory Menu

Search for the item(s) using the search criteria.

Then double click on the item to open the item details page and click EDIT to add the supplier item number under the Supplier tab.

Then save when finished and repeat the process for all items.

Then when you enter an invoice, select your supplier and change the look-up method to “By Supplier” to enter the supplier number instead of the actual SKU.