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Grouped Memorized Journal Entries

It would be nice to group memorized journal entries by station or even by category. We have quite a few and it takes a while to sort through all of them to find what I need to do on a daily basis. 

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Hi Heather, 
NOTE: You and Lisa mentioned an issue with the Memorized JE's that I have created tickets for each of you... so we can track those in the support system and make sure that is fixed for both of you. 

RE the idea of grouping memorized JEs by station or category, that is a good idea.  It might mean another column with a Group field.

In the meantime you can achieve a little of this effect by naming them starting with the way you would want them grouped.

Then click the "Name" header at the top and they will sort by name.  I know that is not the full result you are going for, but I thought it might help. 

Lisa, If you have any feedback re how you would like to see a feature like this work.. please chime in. 


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